Samples seem to loose their low end when imported

When I imported a loop into nuendo (cubase is probably the same) I noticed the low end was missing. In the editor the whole spectrum was audible, but in the normal arranger window the loop was missing the low end. I compared to other DAWs (Logic and Digital Performer) with the same loops - they don’t have this problem. It is NOT the sample rate - I tried that.
Maybe there is a setting to be changed?
Does anyone have a solution for this or experience something similar?
Best, visualm

We call the arranger window “Project Window” (just so you know).

I don’t believe that Cubase/Nuendo will play the file differently depending on what window is open (project window / sample editor).

If you use the Play Tool, the event/“loop” will be played without any processing (inserts, sends, EQ, etc), so it’s good to keep this in mind.

Could you please upload the loop file?

Thanks for the help
Unfortunately I cannot upload it (not allowed). No Links allowed either.
It is as if there is a high pass-filter on it. But I made an empty project and the same issue there. Or it might be pitched.

What do you mean by this?

the loop sounds thinner - so maybe it is missing low end because is is slightly pitched.

This doesn’t make sense if you’re saying that it behaves the same in an empty project. How could it be pitched in the Project Window and unpitched in the Sample Editor (or viceversa)? Keep in mind that we’re taking into account the empty project case.

In the Sample Editor there’s a few different algorithms you can use, each with their pros and cons. For example, Tape mode doesn’t try anything clever, it just purely speeds the sample up/down to match the tempo.

This being said, I suspect that the sample is time shifted when it’s being imported. This could affect the way it sounds.

Please check to see if the sample doesn’t get automatically switched to Musical mode when you’re dragging it in the Project Window (double click the event in the Project Window to open the Sample Editor). Cubase will apply Musical mode if there’s a BPM detection (I think, not too sure what triggers it), so this might be it.

Make sure that this button is not ON:

i.e. doesn’t look like this:


You can also select the sample/audio clip and change the mode and/or algorithm it uses via controls on the info line (Enable ‘algorithm’ view in the info line settings if they don’t appear):-

Edit: Thanks to @alin89c for edits/screenshots.

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@skijumptoes It’s very kind of you (also) to give me credit for the edits and screenshots. People whose posts I’ve edited usually replaced the text without adding anything else, which is also fine, but… somehow isn’t the right thing to do.

Just a thought about using the slash symbol. Sometimes it’s hard to get the meaning of a phrase if it contains “and/or”. Which is it, “and” or “or”?


Usually, people think that their posts (or whatever the destination of the text they’re writing is) are better for the reader if they include more synonims or of multiple ways of looking at the problem. In fact, this is true, but sometimes is better to write what you think fits best in the given context. It’s like making a vegetarian pizza. There are lots of veggies out there that you can mix together and lay them on the flattened round dough, but you won’t feel as good if you don’t take into account that your stomach is of the human type (not dog/pig type). To cut the story short, It’s just better to “Eat” one word at a time (and / or).

The following paragraph would’ve been easier to understand like… what I’m about to write below.

Rephrazing (words in bold are replacements):

To change the Musical Mode and Algorithm of your sample, you can also just select the audio event and use the Info Line to make the changes.

I’ve used “and” because both of these two settings can be adjusted using the same user interface element (i.e. the Info Line). I could’ve also used “or”, but it wouldn’t better. This the reader would be tempted to ask: “Why can’t I change both?”. Or maybe I think too much… :stuck_out_tongue:
This is a bit off-topic, so it would be better if we didn’t continue discussing about it.
I just like to read posts well written, which is why I’m trying to suggest other phrasings…

That’s very kind of you, I appreciate the suggestions, and something we could all learn to do better.

Especially that this is a global platform reaching out to multiple countries and/or languages.

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Thank you very much
I looked at all this. In the editor everything works fine and I took out the musical mode. Imported again, different loops and so on. but in the project window it still sounds pitched or missing low end (in the edit window it sounds as it should). I don’t understand this.

Oh, finally I found the culprit: The default EQ on the channel settings had a low-cut on. It was somehow the default. I checked everything but didn’t see that “hidden” one.

Thanks for your fast and supporting help.
Sorry, I wasted your time.

I am just happy I found out what it was - now I can trust this DAW again.
Thanks again!

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