Sampletank causes cubase errors

Hi all

It seems that sampletank causes cubase to lose all midi/audio throughput in certain scenarios…

Anybody else notice cubase not channeling midi to vsts/ tracks lose audio output etc. when using sampletank?

Im still on the .10 version of cubase… Upgrading now to newest version to see if it helps…

Just wondering if anybody else noticed this with sampletank?


I owned all the old 32bit instruments (Tank, Sonik, Tron, Moog, Mirosalv) and am now using the free 64bit Sampletank CS with these libraries imported.

No problems here as yet…I don’t use it heavily but it’s in a few projects I’ve been running for a few weeks without issue.

Hi grim:)

Thanks for your feedback m8

I think it started after i updated my 64 bit 3.61 or so version to v3.65…

Anywho, so far so good… I will add to this thread if it happens again…

Thanks again for your valuable input.

If you work out what triggers the problem post back and I’ll see of I can reproduce.


I am currently using Sample Tank 3.6.5 with no issues at all. I even access all the Miroslav Philharmonic 2.0.3 sounds loaded through it. I use these IK VSTi on about 50% of my projects. Typically using them on 4 or 5 instrument tracks per project.

Like Grim mentioned, post some more details to see if we can assist further.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thx guys:)

I hope its fine now…

I will give you a scenario in which .10 always crashed like this if it helps any and you wanna try to repro…

(Since then i have uninstalled envelope demo and updated ST3 to 3.65 so i dont know if it still applies…)
(I thought it was envelopes fault, but it happened with only ST loaded too so idk)

The info:
First time i noticed it was a bit ago, when i was checking out the demo of “Envelope” reverb…

Cubase 8.5.1 on win 7x64
2 instrument tracks total

  1. Create an intrument track

Inst track-> sample tank - grand piano SE preset.
Audio fx -> proQ2 then envelope with clean setting

  1. Create instrument track 2
    Inst track-> strum gs2
    Audio fx-> envelope with clean setting

While playing on inst2 (gs2), select and arm inst1 (ST) with mouse click -> instant crash

(No audio output / no midi channeled and cubase needs to be closed via taskbar…)

Now… I do not recommend trying this because i had a 100% crash rate doing this… But, if somebody at steiny or so does wanna try for bugfix reasons… Be my guest… Just be sure to do a system restore save point before u start the repro…

Thought it had solely to do with the envelope reverb plugin (which i uninstalled that same day) , but a project with just ST also produced this weird no midi/audio bug… - but there is no 100% if this then that repro of how and when…

Like i said… Updated to .15 … So far so good…

Lets hope the bug got squashed:p

I will report back if it shows up again…:wink:

Thx again fellas:)