SampleTank piano not polyphonic

Trying to use SampleTank 3 electric piano with Dorico. I have things set up fine I think - I select my piano part in dorico and when I play a note on my midi keyboard it plays fine. The problem is when I try to play more than one note at a time on my midi keyboard it only plays the one note.

When I build a chord manually in the score, Dorico plays it back poly-phonically just fine so the problem ONLY seems to be when I’m trying to play more than one note at the same time on my midi keyboard (Just using it as a keyboard to try to work out parts etc before entering them into the score.)

I looked at SampleTank and while I play one note, hold it, and then try to add additional notes - no sound - but the red light blinks on the SampleTank plugin implying that some midi info is being sent to SampleTank when I press the notes on my midi keyboard.

If I just startup SampleTank outside of Dorico everything works fine.

Not sure if this is really a Dorico issue but thought I’d see if anyone else has issues/ideas what might be wrong.


Does your keyboard have MIDI MONO and POLY modes, and you have accidentally selected MONO?

I’ve had exactly this same issue, and I was using a Yamaha Clavinova. I had to play the chord exactly together, and the slightest offset made it into a broken chord. It was infuriating but mercifully short-lived. For me, a restart fixed it.

Rob - well, bringing up SampleTank outside of Dorico and everything works fine without adjusting anything on the keyboard itself so don’t think it’s caused by the keyboard.

On second thought, I will just use one of the electric pianos that comes with Halion. That works just fine!!

Thanks guys