Hi to everybody!

I know it’s a very hard work, but please, anybody could help me on how to sample a hardware synth?

I have three synths… Roland JV-2080 with its eight expansion boards; Yamaha CS6x and the Korg Triton-Rack with its eight expansion boards too!

I know many sounds have some layers, so…

  • what is the best way to sample all the sounds?
  • How many samples by octave it is recomended?
  • How many seconds by sound? (in case that the sound hasn’t a release (loop in the sound))

Any advices are welcome, and thank you very much in advance!!!


Thats very cool :sunglasses:

I have Keymap Pro, which has some of those features, but it is a fantastic bit of kit. Unfortunately I had to waste money on a doorstop, er Mac, in order to use it though. :wink:


Hi DG!

Thank you very much for your answer!

That’s really interesting, but I have some questions about it…

-How could I know how many layers have each preset of my synths?
-If each preset have different number of layers, the software will automacally detect it, and then record only the necesary layers of each preset?
-Will I have to rename each preset?
-Will I have to built on my own each bank preset (of 127 presets)?
-No version on pc? (this really don’t mind!)
-No exporting to HALION?

Steve! the sounds of my hardware synths are cool!!! they’re sound very good, that’s the reason why I’d like to sample them and convert them into “vst” synths… my workflow producing a song is always converting every track into an audio track… to convert to audio a vst instrument is easier and quicker than record it by the analog way! allthout it’s something that really don’t mind at all!

Thanks again for all!

I would imagine there is only so much any automated sampling software can do, so It would be up to the user to determine how many layers are needed to capture the sound. So experiment a bit first before committing to a full session. It does look like that software will save you weeks of sitting about pressing keys :sunglasses:

I agree with Split. You’ll have to make some decisions yourself, but the software will be able to do a lot of the leg work whilst you are doing something more productive. You can even leave it to do the sampling unattended (up to a point).

There is a very good forum for all Redmatica products, and the developer is very helpful in answering questions, so don’t hesitate to email him. Also, you will get a lot of information from watching the videos on the Website.

As far as Halion is concerned, nobody uses it, so I think that for VST use it is Kontakt only. :wink:


check out emu emulator x2. it has automated features for sampling like this built in, and you could probably find a cheap copy somewhere. some versions require emu hardware as donglle; do some research before taking this route.
p.s. i have emulator x2 but gave up on it because i moved away from my emu hardware on main pc. it is a very powerful sampler (and indeed, possibly the only vst sampler that can actually sample, as opposed to importing samples).