Sampling a sound

I’m having a bit of a mental blank here. I’m sure I know how to do this but can’t for the life of me remember!!!

I have an audio loop with 1 simple bass note played 3 or 4 times in it a specific rythem. I like it a lot and want to use it but I want to be able to vary the pitch using my midi keyboard. Is there a way of taking a slice of the sample, pushing in to an instrument and using the sound to write my own bass line with that sample? I have managed to capture and refine the sound in groove agent one but is there a way of mapping it across my keyboard with the associated pitch using Cubase 6?

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The only stock Cubase plugin that can do that is Groove Agent One AFAIK. Its not really meant to be a proper sampler (like Kontakt or Halion), but you can basically get it to do what you’re wanting to do here. Its kind of a PITA but you can drop the sample on a bunch of pads and then pitch each pad by one semitone (“coarse”) 1,2,3,4,5,etc… then you can play it on your keyboard. Its definitely not a very elegant solution but it works :smiley:

…and cue the people requesting a proper sampler in Cubase

S’cuse my wee smile to myself as I reflect on how amazingly effective the jargon from marketing types has brain-washed a whole generation… :slight_smile: Neither of these can actually sample a thing. As such, are in no way even remotely close to the definition of being a ‘proper sampler’, IMHO.

I used to use Akai S950 and Roland S750 ‘back in the day’ (as the kids would say). Nuff said.

haha true!

how’s this: “proper ITB software sampler*”(note the asterisk) :mrgreen:

How true!

So you must be one of the “younger generation”. I used S900 … and I still have it :stuck_out_tongue:

yep and i still have my korg dsm1 and use it regually !

Shortcircuit is a basic free vst sampler that will do this fairly easily.

Don’t bother with version 2.
1.1.2 is the stable, working version.

Note that this is discontinued software so don’t expect support or updates…But it works fine for me in C6 (x86)

You’re not a real man unless you bought an S612 and all the funny little discs that it used!

Fancy pantsy Akai stuff… I have my good old Roland MKS-100 with the mini floppies and sounds editable on the Atari ST :laughing: Now it’s still a nice rack filler - it broke down…

Luck, Arjan

Shortcircuit 1.1.2 also happens to be the only 3rd party VST that you can drag n drop directly to in Cubase…

Thanks all. Downloaded and started to use it. Does anyone know if there is a tutorial or manual pdf kicking about?



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