Sampling from Cubase into Maschine Plugin


I’m trying to sample audio from Cubase into Maschine while it’s a Cubase plugin and can’t seem to figure this out. I’ve got Maschine setup in a VST rack and not on an instrument track. I’ve got Maschine setup to record “external”. I can’t figure out how to route the audio from Cubase into Maschine.

I’m using Steinberg’s UR824 Interface.

I have no problems sampling Maschine internal sounds.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks. I’m not sure why my searches didn’t find that.

Just so it’s here in this forum as well.

  1. Create an FX track in Cubase
  2. Instantiate Maschine FX as an insert in the FX Track.
  3. Go to the channel or group in Cubase you want to Sample from, setup Maschine FX as a send on that channel and set send level to 0 dB.
  4. Set Maschine sample mode to external.