sampling problem

Does anyone else have a problem with sampling inside CB5.5?

it seems that after pitch shifting a song i want to sample i can’t jus chop up the samples and do a drag and drop onto Groove Agent. when i do try it i get the circle with a slash through it.

i can drag and drop slicces i made without pitch shifting but thats no what i want.

i watched a tutorial on youtube for sampling inside cubase and did wut the video said which was select a pad and change the voice to my soundbank that i will be dragging and dropping to.(this method rarley works, maybe a quarter of the time, and limits me to a small part of the song, which is why prefer not to use it, but i tried it anyways )

after ive shifted my audio sample to where i want it i then edit the hit points and hit create hitpoints. when i drag the slicced audio i get the same denied symbol.

i’ve been through the ticket system with steinberg(which was a joke) and after emailing back and forth they have jus stop responding.

is there somthing im missing?

Try selecting all of the slices and Convert To Real Copy before dragging them to GA.

i tried but still no luck

yesterday it worked without the “covert to real copy”…i get 1 out of 10 to work properly

It seems like you’re missing something. I haven’t tried it. I was using that drag and drop plugin made to all drag and drop from Cubase to Battery and other 3rd party vsti. I’ll try and test it tomorrow. If it works I’ll give you my exact steps to replicate.