Hi- I’m using standard Cubase 10 that came with the Yamaha.
1- I’ve finally become comfortable with setting up midi tracks using patches from Yamaha. I started to play around trying to set up tracks using voices on Cubase - but couldn’t get the Yamaha to play them. How do I tell Cubase to use one of the built in sounds but have it played by the external keyboard?

2- it seems Cubase 10 pro offers ability to sample. I’d like to be able to sample sounds and then really tweak them- is it better for me to upgrade to pro or should I consider purchasing a separate sampling software (I see Steinberg offers a $300 app for this)? And- if I do that, how does that work? I run that app along w Cubase and Cubase can treat that as another instrument ? Ie I assign midi channel to whatever sample I want to use in the song? Am I limited to one sample per song of could I have a few samples each w dedicates channels all used simultaneously in on Cubase project?

Or- is it better to just get sampling hardware and midi it to the Yamaha?

I’m obviously clueless here so go easy…

A bit overwhelmed with the multitudes if YouTube videos etc. I also find the various user manuals to be rather thin without much helpful explanations/definitions etc- so this forum has proven to be invaluable!


  1. You can play VSTi (Instrument) over the hardware keyboard. The synth is inside Cubase, the Instrument generates the sound. So you don’t need an external keyboard to play it. You need just an Audio Device, where you will hear the sound. Select it in Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System > ASIO Driver.

  2. It depends what exactly do you want to do. If you want to create your own sample libraries, then you should go for a real sampler, like HALion 6. If you want to just play with some audio snippets, you can use Sampler Track in Cubase. Both NALion 6 and Sampler Track work the same way as other Instruments (VSTis).

Thanks Martin

Got it sorted out w the VSTi’s and great to have some nice extra patches to use!

Looks like TAL sampler might be good app for me… great price and seems less overly complicated than some of the others.