SAMSāRA TILL NEVER is an avant-garde Pop/Neofolk music project led by Kenneth “Crimson” (on this forum Ryan S… me), author, composer and pianist.

“So, what is Neofolk?”: Neofolk is an industrial/underground mouvement created in the 80’s, contradicting the hippies (I guess), and as said it have many variations (Pop/Neofolk, Dark/Neofolk, Martial/Neofolk, etc), It may even be appreciated by Gothic culuture, even though the main stage is Alternative music.

Here is my Bandcamp page:
Actually -released- an EP “Contes Latéraux”, and working on an future album “Dos à Dos”.

Here are 3 videos (edited under Filomra9), one of “Contes Latéraux” and the others of “Dos à Dos”:

Mazeppa -
Contresens -
Dos à Dos -

2 songs in the EP have lyrics in French, if you have hard time, show the lyrics; or don’t understand French, take the lyrics and translate them.

Hope you enjoy my music !

Many thanks !