Samson G Track microphone - audio presets


I posted the following question in the German forums already, but not all of you might understand that. So: sorry for double posting.

I need a little help for my MAC presets. I am just trying out my newly aquired Samson G Track microphone, but I have some difficulties with the audio presets.

That’s what I have in Cubase:

And here some additional presets:

In the Mac system preferences I chose the Samson G Track microphone, both for the input and the output. That’s what they said in the G Track manual. When I speak into the mic I get a signal, so this works fine.

My headset is plugged into the mic. The mic has a switch with a preset “Mono”, which makes me hear my voice over the headset with a dry sound. Another preset is “CPU” which is supposed make the sound audible that comes from the computer. So if I had a reverb on my voice track I would hear the reverb on my headphones as well. But this does not work. Listening to my test song I receive the guitar track. When I try to make a recording Cubase generates a part, but only silence is audible, in both presets, Mono and CPU.

Is there anybody among you folks who has some experience with the G Track and can give me advice? I will be terribly grateful for anything that might help me to solve the problem.

Are you well read up on how the monitoring inside Cubase works? Have you clicked the little speaker icon beside the rec-button of your track?

How about your VST connections (F4), have you set them up correctly?


Thanks for your reply, and indeed, there was something wrong with the VST connections. A little hint and a big effect! The thing is running really smoothly now. In addition, when adding a new track, it is possible to chose among track presets. “Audio Mono” is the right one for the mic.