Samson Graphite 49 with Cubase Artist 7

Hi there,

Could someone help me with the settings of my keyboard (Samson Graphite 49) and Cubase artist 7 please? The keyboard has a default setting for Cubase but it simply doesn’t work except for a few things like pitch bend and the keys themselves.

I can imagine that not many of the Steinberg staff have much knowledge of the keyboard itself, but it could be good if you have generic knowledge of why the settings aren’t working.

Please get back to me as soon as possible. I need to mix again! :smiley:

Thanks for the info, that’s been a great help. the sliders actually change the volume of the VST instrument now. All though having said that, it is all 8 channel sliders and not the main volume slider that change the volume OF ONLY the first channel of the VST instrument rather than the Cubase track channel itself.

Basically I won’t go into everything that’s wrong with it because I’d be here forever. I’ll just say that I think the settings, as in the presets, are wrong on the Graphite itself. I have that software that I can use to download and upload presets to the keyboard memory itself. I’ve looked online but I can’t seem to find the right preset page or whatever.

If someone could direct me to a page that has the presets and keyboard firmware, that would be much appreciated.


See here:

Click the tab for downloads.

It’s a Graphite 49. I’ve already got that file for the update of the firmware. It just doesn’t work. When I click "firmware update on the update software, it opens the version update thing as expected but in fact believes it is already at version 2.37. Regardless of whether this is the reason or not, it simply says “searching the boot section” about 10 or 15 times and then says “failure. Check the connection and try again or refer servicing to qualified service personnel.” It’s a brand new keyboard and I haven’t done anything to it that would damage the hardware. I’m a bit fuddled by this and just want it to work if you know what I mean.

Maybe you need to contact Samson’s support, maybe there’s something wrong with the keyboard.

Maybe. But I hope not. Thanks for trying. I’ll contact Samson.

Hey Elfstar, did you ever solve this? I have a new Graphite 49, trying to set up with Cubase Elements 7, not sure how to proceed. If you say it’s not possible, I’ll give up now and exchange the Graphite for an M-Audio or something.


Right click on the Samson Editor and run as Admin! :slight_smile: