"Sanctuary" - post apocalyptic mix

Another from my current post-apocalyptic project. Again, originally written some 10 years ago.
The guitar solo on this one is by an old Cubase forum member from years gone by - Bob Melanson.
(and yes I know… the progression is a rip-off/homage to Floyd’s Comfortably Numb’) :wink:

Drums by Will Blloodfarm.


very Floydesque but very excellent, even on a crappy laptop…one of your best IMHO …Kevin

Great drumming, great mix again! I obviously love Floyd and this does grab a lot from that sound but the quality is really there. I think I would have loved to do some keys work for you on this… Like what you did but would have been fun to really do some killer sounds on it :slight_smile:

Nice work here man. The mix sounds great, my only feedback would be you could maybe make it a bit more dynamic - automate your main channel faders to bring different instruments up in certain places for extra impact. Good job though.

Thanks! :sunglasses:

Well, that’s a possibility! I simply used the parts I played 10 years ago… such as they were…

Cheers. :slight_smile: Yup… good point about highlighting certain instruments… I often do that though didn’t give it much thought in this mix. I’ll review it. :sunglasses: