Sargam - Indian note names

Is there a way of entering sargam note names? I can do it in lyrics but there’s no way of entering sharp or flat notes (normally notated with an underscore or a line on top of the note name)

Also one might need a dot above or below to indicate octaves so its not possible to achieve complete saregams notation in lyrics. Not to mention various lines under to indicate rhythmic subdivisions if you want full text notation. Might we dream of a saregam editor?

Yes interesting that we have tabla notation, which is a very recent invention, but not Sargam.

As of 4.1, we now have rich text for lyrics! Edit > Notation > Lyrics > Edit Single Lyric
You can add underline and overline to an individual syllable, and freely copy formatted syllables to other notes.

About dots in Unicode

There are Unicode characters for precomposed letters with dot above and below:

ṠṘĠṀṖḊṄ ṡṙġṁṗḋṅ ṢṚṂḌṆ ṣṛṃḍṇ

By default these will display in a fallback font in Dorico because they do not exist in Academico, except Ġġ. (Some of the above letters are not supported in this forum font, Bitter, so they display in Helvetica for me on Mac.)

Unfortunately Unicode does not offer precomposed G̣ or P̣ – rather important ones. I have made these here with Combining dot below U+0323 which does not work in Dorico because it doesn’t support the necessary OpenType feature.

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Oh that’s great to know. Thank you!