Sata issues

Hi all,

I have a weird problem.

This is what happens:

When i run a cubendo project of my internal SATA drives (1,5TB, 2TB) i get disk read errors.

Running a MacPro 8 core xeon (Nehalem).
Playing apps. 20 tracks at 88k, soon the disk performance meter goes up, with steps, in the end all the way and tracks stop playing, the meter drops somewhat, goes up again etcetera.

That same project on another internal disk, swapping slots, same problem.
But having the project on an external firewire disk all is smooth and fine!

When i run XBench on the internal disks performance is as expected.

Hope anyone has a suggestion to figure this out!

Regards, Micha

Hi Micha!
What is the model of your hard drive? Those larger capacity drives are sometimes of slower specs.