Satellite Trance Track made with Cubase 5

my first song made on cubase 5 its called “Satellite”. The song starts friendly and melodic but gets more and more dramatic…

I used Cubase 5 and its Factory Sounds, Except one Bass-sound(NI Kore Payer)

Hope you like it.

yes – glorious synth goodness. Very nice

thank you…

my newest one.

have fun

Bomi :nerd:

uploaded my new track “sweep away” some days ago…

free download


Bomi :nerd:

Not a genre I’ve ever listened to, but recently started getting into playing around with some sounds. Really liked the opening rhythm, although not a fan of the pan flute sounds. Also liked some of the other sounds and rhythmic ideas around the middle. Sounds cool, so well done ^.^

thx Jonathan5456

just had a look on your youtube channel… your work is awesome!

about the pan flute… i’m thinking about doing some kind of an “oriental edit” of this song… i’ve tried the “desert wind” instrument form best service - one of these instruments would fit so much to my song (but costs 150 EUR…).


Bomi :nerd:

Hey Bomi, thankyou for the very kind compliment, very flattered and I’m glad you like the ones I have on there :slight_smile:

I listened, and posted a Youtube comment on your Starlight Movement piece, which I liked a lot more than the two posted here, gotta say! But overall you sound very proficient in this genre. I like the use of proper chords and inversions over other trance kinda stuff I’ve heard, although it isn’t a genre I’ve heard much of. Keep up the good stuff :slight_smile:

In regards to mixng and mastering, all of us can always refine and polish things :smiley: