Save a set of tracks as preset?

Is it possible to save a number of tracks and their settings as a sort of preset template?

Here’s what I want to do:

Say I start recording a song that I know is going to consist of two guitars and two vocals. So I load the song template I’ve created that corresponds. I already know that, that’s not what I’m asking.

Later, I decide that the song needs drums. However, setting up 8 to 10 audio tracks and five group tracks and all of their routing and other settings takes a LONG time! “Track Presets” don’t accomplish this as they seem to apply a preset of settings to a single track.

It would be nice to be able to load a preset group of tracks that I set up previously as a “Track Template” or “Track Set” that could be quickly loaded into any existing project!

If this is not currently possible, does anyone else feel it would be helpful?

Thanks for any and all replies!


There is no function available to do what you want. Might be a good request (I’d vote for it).

I find that deleting is much quicker than adding so the way I get around it is to save what I want plus more stuff as a template. Then delete what I don’t want.

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From the manual page 71
You can save the current project as a template. When you create a new project, you can select this template as a starting point for your new project.
PREREQUISITE Remove all clips from the Pool before you save the project as a template. This
ensures that references to media data from the original project folder are deleted.
1.Set up a project.
2.Select File > Save As Template.
3.In the New Preset section of the Save As Template dialog, enter a name for the new project template.
4.In the Attribute Inspector section, double-click the Value field of the Content Summary attribute to enter a description for the template.
5.Click the Value field of the Template Summary attribute and select a template category from the pop-up menu.
If you do not select a category, the new template will be listed in Steinberg Hub in the More category.
6.Click OK to save the template.

Look for Track Archive. You can store several selected tracks with all the routing and settings as an archive that you can recall in any other project

Irrelevant reply removed by myself - did not read the original question properly.

Novikthewise is wise indeed! Never was aware of this function and this will greatly smooth out my workflow! For those wondering, from a template containing no audio I selected the many tracks which had been previously set up with labels, routings, effects etc. and went to File > Export > Selected Tracks. Saved it.
I then opened a new blank project and went to File > Import > Track Archive. Voila!
Thank you so much, Novikthewise!

I never used this. Glad to learn something new and that you corrected me :wink:

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