Save ALL settings as default

Is there any quick way to save every setting in a project as defaults, all at once? Sometimes I make changes to appearance and then cannot remember which ones I made.

In every “options” dialog, you have a Save As Default button.
This will save all options included in that dialog.
For a more comprehensive, document-wide, saving, use File > Save As Project Template

Thanks @Michele_Galvagno1 . I know that there’s a “save as default” in Engraving Options, for example (and I think this saves everything in Engraving options, not just the currently selected set of choices on the left), but I don’t see anything similar for things like fonts, music symbols, playing techniques, etc. I only see the little star, which has to be chosen on every individual item. Am I missing it somewhere?

To add to this, I use Dorico on two computers and I would like for the defaults to be exactly the same on both. That’s a lot of stars to select.

Stars are the right way for Fonts et sim.
I don’t think there is an easy way to sync these files—which are deep in the User Library, which by definition should be unique to each user—but there may be hacky way such as synchronising specific files by copying one to a Cloud server and then downloading it on the other computer.
The only issue would be that you still need to have a master computer otherwise you will overwrite things back and forth, and you want to avoid that.

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@jjm_335 maybe you can also use the powerful functionalities of the Library Manager and you can set a project with all your desired settings and then import them (ore some of them) via Library Manager to the other projects.

(In this way you can have different “master” projects for specific usages and with specific options, from where you can then import the desired settings in new projects…, so that you have quasi many “default”-settings-projects from where you can pick what you need)

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@Christian_R Thanks, and I have done this. I guess I figured it might just be more efficient in the long run to be able to have the settings preset no matter what type of new document I might want to create.