"Save all Templates *WITHOUT* media" default preference option

Why after so many years is this not addressed?

You are Recording a Band 5 Song Session. Or working on a MIDI based orchestral composition
After Song 1 is done the project setup and mixer levels etc are nicely in place so you decide you want to save a Template
However Cubase keeps all of its links to Audio files and MIDI data in tracks when you save this Template

Now start a new Project using this new template. The project opens up with all settings, MIDI tracks etc but also all Audio files. But what you really want is a BLANK canvas. So you decide to select all and delete and then go to the Pool and Delete Thrash.

Go back to Song one in the session and load it. All of your audio is now deleted forever.

Surely, as in Protools, there should be an option when saving a template to include or not include media at this stage. Minimal programming effort involved.




Today you have this option to avoid problems:
1- duplicate the project folder (copy-paste) with cubase project and audio files inside
2- open the project of the duplicated folder
3- A window will ask you what project folder use (original folder or duplicated folder)
4- Choose duplicated folder
5- Remove all audio/midi events from project window and from pool
6- Save your template