save and close files causes crash

Excellent new multi-file rendering and saving features in the Audio Editor window. But when I have say 20 files open and go to the File tab > Save All > All Files - all is well if I click on Save. However if I choose Save & Close All from the fly out on the Save button WL9 crashes (after the files have been successfully written).

I have the same problem.

I do not need to save many files only one is enough. It successfully writes the file correctly but LE9 crashes. In SAVE or SAVE AS. Repeatedly time after time. I then get my Visual Studio 2013 debugger to start and show some error message after a long while (see below). This happens since I have installed new LE9. My previous LE8.5 never did this. Since I installed LE9 now both 9 and 8.5 crash under file operations.

Tried to uninstall both, ran AVG PC Tuneup (registry cleaning), made a clean LE9 only install, ran eLicenser to activate the product: Same results. Solid LE9 crash after SAVE or SAVE AS.

Using Acoustica in the meantime. Wavelab is useless. Cannot be used due to a bug. Hey guess what ! Acoustica has batch mode ! Wow !!!

Debug messages:

Error message issued: “An unhandled win32 exception occured in WaveLabElements9_0_64.exe [844]” and
Error message issued: “Unmanaged exception 0x000000061102E40 (Qt5Widgets.dll) in WaveLabElements9_0_64.exe:0xC0000005: Access violation while writing to memory address” 0x…etc etc million hex digits.

Running WIndows 10 on SSD disk with Intel 7 processor with 8Gb of RAM.

It is possible for WaveLab to generate some proper diagnostics. Please do this:

  • Click on the File Tab
  • Now press Alternate and click on the Preferences button
  • Now press Alternate and click on the Global button
  • You can now see a tab called “Diagnostics”, at the right side.
    Click on it. then at the bottom of the page, check the button “Enable Crash Report”.

Now restart WaveLab. Then do the procedure that causes the problem you experiment.
This will create a crash log that is usable. This is what I need. Thanks.

Thank you Philippe. Will try to get a proper crash log tomorrow morning and be back with feedback on problem.

Here is the crash report Philippe.

Regards (Salutations si vous parlez Français) (1.83 MB)

I have LE9.0.15 and it crashed the first time I tried to access another file. Since that happened, it seems to be ok. I’ll wait for the outcome of the analysis by Philippe before pursuing any further.

Thanks, this is a useful report. How “often” do you get this Save As problem?

Everytime I “save as” and since LE9 has been installed. Wavalab LE 8.05 never did this.

What is next ? Is there anyone working on it ? Should I submit a formal support request ?

I spent the entire day yesterday editing audio with Acoustica and that one does not crash. But while it does the job I would prefer Wavelab much better !

Sorry not having been back earlier. But I have studied your case a long time. But it remains mysterious.

You avoid the traditional Save As with this option:
Please try it. This being said, I am afraid, in your case, that you might experiment other crash cases. If this is the case, please come back to me. If you feel more at ease, write to me in french (in PM).

Merci Philippe.

Will try your suggestion tomorrow morning and be back to you.

It works Philippe ! Wavelab 9 LE still crashes sometimes but it is “livable” at least.

By the way, some polishing still has to be done. When you want to create a new track, you do Ctrl-N and usually, all you have to do is to hit the Enter button. In version 9 the focus is not on “Create” button. You are forced to click on it. In older versions you would do Ctrl-N and hit Enter simply.

Thanks and Regards

I’m using a trial version of wavelab 9 and was having the same issue everytime I hit “save as” it would crash the program and all work was lost. I ended up selecting ‘Open quick file selector when saving files’ from File, Global, Display as shown in the previous picture and so far it works great.