Save and load complete channel settings

In Cubase 5 and 6 you could load setting of an entire channel with all the plugins, sends, pre-settings etc. But in more recent versions you can’t do that. Say, you mix an album and most of the tracks can have the same settings. Now you have to load individually pre-settings, sends and fader positions which is tiresome.
Would be cool to have an option to store a single file but choose what you want to load.

I’ve made an example.

Yes!!! Please!! This is terrible waste of time to have to recall all the settings. I’ve noticed even the lo/hi pass won’t save with the channel. That’s absurd!

Unless I am missing something here I believe your concern can be alleviated by creating a new template for this purpose. Basically just open a project that has the typical settings you want and save that as a template with a name that you want. Then open a new project using that template and really set it up the way you want. Like deleting track content and such. Then resave it again to overwrite the other.

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Imagine you have 10 projects with recorded tracks (with changing tempo, say). Unless you know beforehand what kind of processing you’re gonna do it’s a royal pain to transfer all the channel settings into another project. This wasn’t the case, for example, with Cubase 6 though - I still use it to do that - but why losing this feature and jump between versions?

OK, project templates are not what you are looking for.

Can the track preset feature help you (op manual starting on page 163)?

I don’t seem to be having this issue. I typically start a project with a known similar template then apply track presets as I see fit.

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Sadly, this doesn’t recall Sends and Input filters anymore (and in my case Volume level as well). That’s why this thread exists - I need the exact same setting for lots of tracks in different projects. In Cubase 6 you can save batches of channels and recall them fully.

As far as I understood you need channel settings. So go to MixConsole, select channel which settings you want to save, go to the top right corner of the Mixer, there is a triangle icon click it and in the popup menu choose Save Selected Channels. Next it you can find Load Selected Channels.


Thank you!!! This seems such a strange place to hide…but thank you!!