'Save as ...' Move Audio Folder to new project location?

I like to save all my projects in their own folders. When I do a save as and designate a new folder for the cubase project file the audio folder remains in the the original project folder.

If I manually move files, Cubase gets nasty and complains files aren’t where they are supposed to be for both the new project and the older one.

Are there any preferences to change the behavior so that the files from the pool are transferred to a new audio folder in the location designated for saving the ‘save as’ project?

Or, other workflow work arounds for this issue?


File/Backup Project

Save to your working directory/Projects drive.

Another thought…

Maybe you are using an old template when you create new projects. Try creating new templates using one of the newer templates Cubase has. Set it up as you want and then save that as a new template. Start a new project with that template. Do not use the “use default location” option as offered in the Hub. Instead use the “prompt for location” option (or whatever it’s called) and create a new folder for your project. Hopefully then Cubase will create the proper sub folders and all your stuff associated with that project will be located in the folders created in it.

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Thanks, Guys …

I’ll give back up project a try. But that still would leave duplicate audio files in the project I save from … which I don’t think I couldn’t directly delete and would have to go back to the old project I saved and move the files I wanted only in the ‘Save As …’ project to the trash in the pool and then erase them.

There has to be a more elegant way?

It is a brand new tracking template made in 8.5. I track several things and then try to break them down into various ‘Save As …’ projects, gutting the project I’ve been tracking in.

Use the backup project.
it’s also useful for removing old takes that are not used in the project anymore, by creating a new folder using that as destination.
I transport project on a USB stick regularly, and to keep size and copy time down I use the backup project, as well.
Say you have a project called A, you have it in a folder called A.
Create a new folder called A1 and use backup project and save in A1. Now you have a folder A with all the files even the stuff that you didn’t use in the project, and a folder A1 with only the files in it that are used by the project.
Now you can move folder A to somewhere safe or delete it, and continue with the project in the folder A1.
It takes a little planing, but you will never lose anything again and it is much safer than using the OS tools to copy or move files in the pool.
The name Backup Project could/should have been, Consolidate project to new folder.


Got it! It’s what silhouette said … but you laid it out. :slight_smile:

‘Save As …’ doesn’t mean what I think it should mean. And your ‘Consolidate …’ is much clearer in meaning.

But I still have to go back and manually remove no longer needed audio from the original project. I think there still should be a more elegant method … some file command with a dialog like ‘remove or retain new project audio files in original project?’

Also it would probably be good if you go to Media/prepare Archive as this will bring all those files into the project folder that are for some reason stored elsewhere. Do this before backing up project.

Once you are happy you can delete the original project should you wish as peakae said.

I’m afraid that I was late going out when I did my first post otherwise I would have explained in more detail.

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In media there is somewhere “Removed unused media”. This will remove any clips that are not used in the arrange page. I am not at my music machine at the minute.

This one I use … I think it’s in the context menu (right click on PC) in the pool.

But it doesn’t really change the necessity or returning to the original project to remove/ erase unwanted audio if, in fact, you want to keep the original project … which is why I wish there was an option for what to do with the files when you ‘backup project.’

Thanks for your help … no apology needed!