Save Backup Not Working In VST 5

Hi All,
I’ve done this before so I can import my .all song files into SL3 but for some reason it’s not working anymore. When I launch a song in VST 5 and then click “save backup”, I should get a drop down asking me where to save the song but nothing is happening unless it’s being saved to a predestined folder. Anyone have a clue what may be wrong?




Hi Will, I can’t think of anything that would cause the drop down menu not to give you that one backup option you need.

Is it possible the files that control backup menu function had become corrupted or disabled, not allowing the software to bring that option up anymore? I wonder if there is a way to set it up again without having to reload your entire Cubase VST 5 program. I assume the backup options are set upon installation of the software.

Often my Cubase program would dump out of the aiso drivers that have been set up for a long time. Now, before doing a session of recording or even just playback, I feel the need to check that the correct driver is still in place before starting a session. Once in a while when starting the computer, Windows will have some icons and other things areas of the desk top grayed out, but a reboot usually fixes the problem. I realize these examples are not quite the same problem you are experiencing, but my bet is it’s not far from it. Maybe a file that’s been corrupted and rendered useless in some way, not allowing you save your files for use in Cubase SX3 and above.

I read about the free version of SX3 just for the purpose of converting the old Cubase VST .all song files and .arr arrangement files to work with the newer versions of Cubase. So I can see what you are trying to accomplish. I wish the backup was still working for you.

Hi Bill,
Fancy meeting you here! :slight_smile: Thanks for the hit, I’ve been waiting a month for someone to reply. You did give me an idea or two to check the next time I launch VST on my older computer. I wanted to reinstall it but then I would lose the link to the pertinent audio files which are kind of all over the place. My housekeeping wasn’t as methodical back then.
Knowing where the audio files are is the most important factor of that process. If it was just about the song file, I’d be done a long time ago. What I’m going to try first is trash the preference files and see if that will revive the backup command. If not, I’ll look for any pertinent files that seem suspect. Lastly, I would have to reinstall but that would be a last resort.


Hi Will
Okay I understand what you’re talking about now. I usually I save the audio or midi tracks right inside of Cubase in an audio folder, but sometimes when I’m not paying close attention to where Cubase is asking where to save files, they end up in My Music or just on C:/ drive.

Are you using mutiple drives, or backing up to flash drives? Another thing to watch out for is, if one is exporting the track out to another software program like Wavelab for processing, then the file could get saved in the external editor program, or at least a copy of it, especially if one is doing a “save as.”

I know this is nothing new to you, but just things to try to further jog your memory. It was like striking gold when I found my long lost track that I needed to re-construct one of my old songs back together! :smiley:

Hey Bill,
Yes, a lot of the audio files are in “my music” on my “C” drive but there were many times I wasn’t paying attention back then and some have landed who knows where on one of three drives. Now that I am older and wiser, (at least 1 out of 2) I store the audio files right in the song folder. There will be no mistake there!

Prepare Archive in VST5?

Thanks for the hit N8. Is this an option for backup on the “File” dropdown?

Option in the Pool via right click, consolidates all audio files to the project folder before backup.

CB 4 & 5 have this pool function but VST 5 doesn’t. It’s ok though because I realized I don’t have to back a song up to get all it’s audio files together. I just imported the song into SL3 and the song file knows where the pertinent audio files are. At first, I was trying to save the info to a folder to transfer to my newer computer but it pans out much simpler making the VST5 to SL3 conversion on the same computer and then just transferring the .CPR files.
Thanks for your assistance N8!