Save command gone from File menu

The last week I started to get a very weird buy. I always use Command+S to save my work, but many times instead of saving, Dorico is pasting material in the bar that is selected at that moment. When I try to choose save from the File menu, that command is no longer there as shown in the screenshot.

What could cause this?

Does it sometimes work, or always never work?

Do you mean that when you do Command S, that triggers Dorico to paste something?

And you’re still on Mojave? You’ve done a restart, and no other software shows any keyboard command problems?

Sometimes it works, sometimes Dorico pastes something when using Command-S. Not sure why. I am on High Sierra and never had this problem before.

My suspicion always goes straight to the eLicenser in this situation. Are you using the USB-eLicenser or the Soft-eLicenser?

The USB e-licenser.

My guess is that somehow the eLicenser is responsible for this. If you try to quit Dorico when the Save menu item has gone missing, does it still prompt you to save and then correctly save if you click the ‘Save’ button in the alert that appears?