Save Controller Lanes Shown for Each MIDI Event?

Is there a way to have Cubase 9 remember the configuration of controller lanes displayed in the Key Editor? When I open a MIDI event into the full screen Key Editor, initially it only displays 2 CC lanes, and each time I have to open the CC menu and select “Show Used Controllers.” This is repeated every time I open the Key Editor, perhaps hundreds of times in the process of composing an orchestral piece.

I’d like to set it up so that whenever I add a CC lane to a MIDI event, that CC lane will always automatically display along with all other used CC lanes every time I open that MIDI event from the project window into the Key Editor. This should similarly happen automatically for ALL MIDI events. Anyone know how to do this, please? Or as a last resort, I have never tried Macros, but is there a way to use Macros to make this happen automatically? I’d need step-by-step directions for a Macro. I’m using Cubase on Windows 7 Pro.

Thanks! – Cal


Controller lanes display is a global settings. So you should see always exactly the same settings you had when you closed the Key Editor last time (independent on selected event).

Thanks Martin,

Is there a way to set the global settings so that anytime and every time I open a MIDI Key Editor (full screen) I will see these 5 controller lanes: Velocity, Expression, Pitch, Mod and Main Volume? That would save me a lot of time. Anyone have an answer?

Thank you!

On further experimentation:

I start with an empty project, create some MIDI tracks and add events to those tracks.

  1. I open the Key Editor for an event on track 1 and create some CC lanes. Then if I create another event on track 1 and open the Key Editor, those same CC lanes will appear.

  2. If I open the Key Editor for an event on track 2, the same CC lanes do NOT appear. Then if I create different CC lanes for that event, and open the Key Editor for another event on track 2, the those CC lanes appear as I set up for the previous event on track 2.

  3. If I open an event on a track and change the CC lanes, then open another event on that track I will see THOSE changed CC lanes, not the original ones.

  4. Changes to the CC lane setup for one track do not affect the CC lane setup for another track, so Cubase remembers the settings by track.

So the lessons are:

–Set up the CC lanes you want for each track at the start of a project and try never to change them.

–Be aware that when cutting & pasting events from one track to another, the CC lane display for the event will not copy with it, instead you will see the CC lanes associated with the paste track. The only way to avoid this is to have the identical CC lanes visible for all tracks.

QUESTION: I’d still like to know if there is any way to set our own project-wide default CC lane display, so anytime you open the full screen Key Editor for any track you will see the same specific CC lanes, no matter if they have data on them or not – because you will likely want to enter data at some time.

Thanks again,

AFAIK there are no global “default” controllers but they are remembered on a per-track basis as you’ve described.

I had similar issues years ago, and ended up doing a couple things to speed up my workflow:

  • Set custom key command for Show Used Controllers that is easy to trigger (ie: a single key on your keyboard and not a key combo). That way you can very quickly show any already used controller lanes after opening the Key Editor and not have to use the mouse.
  • Set up your ‘basic/default’ set of controller lanes and their heights, then create a custom controller lane config preset (the little “File” icon beside the “Plus icon” at the bottom of the Key Editor and select “Add Preset”). Then assign a custom key command (again, I do this a lot so I use a single key) to that preset in Key Commands window -> MIDI -> Controller Lane Setup 1 (assuming it’s the first preset you’ve made). Bingo, you can recall your favorite CC lane config instantly whenever you want.

Oops, you are right, it’s stored per track.

What about to Store own preset here?

Martin, I just tried this in 9.5.20 and it seems that controller lanes are not stored.
I setup controller lanes: Volume, Modulation and Expression - for one instrument. As far as I close and open key editor for the same event, it have the same controllers opened. When I open another instrument’s MIDI event, it have his own setup - one volume lane. Okay, then I go to that instrument I setup with three controller lanes. Nope! It have only one default lane - volume.

Same here ANeeman… Neither Cubase 9.0 saves controller lane setup. I remember didn’t had any problem on v8.5, but since I am using v9 it seems arbitrary if cubase remembers a setup or not. Is it a bug?

I believe I just found out when controller lane settings aren’t stored properly. It seems to be a bug and it has to do with the key editor preview in the main window. You have to disable the “show controller lane” option for this preview window, then open your key editor, set your controller lanes and close it. If you open it again, settings will be loaded as previously used. Hope that helps.


Could you please send a step by step repro?