save custom preferences as default

Hi whenever I close and reopen Cubase, the preferences that I store for a project don’t get reopened with the project. It seems to revert back to default preferences.

Whenever I close and reopen a project without closing the application, however, the preferences are saved.

Is there a way to have my custom preferences be the default preferences when opening Cubase?

Thank you!

Hi there

So you save the preferences in the prefs dialogue? And when you reopen Cubase is the prefs you saved still in the prefs dropdown?

Best Regards, Dave

Yes, I store custom preferences in the preferences dialog, and it is still an option in the Preferences Presets dropdown after I close and reopen Cubase, but the projects open with the default preferences. I’ve been having to manually reselect my custom preferences time everytime I close and reopen the program

When you modify any Preference that change is supposed to be saved as part of your default configuration. This save occurs when Cubase closes. If you are having any problems shutting down Cubase, such as hangs or crashes, this can cause the Preference changes not to be saved.

Cubase does hang sometimes upon closing a project and crashes sometimes upon opening a project. But I’ve troubleshot the preferences issue while closing/reopening with no hanging or crashing so I’m not sure if that’s the problem. Might there be a corrupt file somewhere in the file system that I can trash and rebuild?

Why yes there is such a file & it’s your Preferences. Search the Forum (or even google) for “trashing preferences” to get the specifics. Sorry don’t have the link handy. Don’t delete the file for your custom preferences preset though.

Ok I’ll look into that, thank you!

Ok so Cubase started doing some really unusual things with the preferences…sometimes when I would close and reopen the program and open a project, it would look like the attached image, some transparent confusing looking thing

So I trashed the Cubase preference folder like we talked about. Good news is it doesn’t do that weird transparent thing anymore, however it still doesn’t save my custom preferences when I close/reopen and open up a project.

Any other ideas??

Wow, that truly is strange looking.

Hopefully someone else (preferably with Mac experience) will post some ideas, because I’m just grasping at straws.

Things to maybe try:
Take a look at the folder where the Preferences are stored & make sure you can write to it.
On a PC I’d see if running Cubase as Admin saved prefs. On a Mac…?
Remove & reinstall Cubase (I know, ugh).

Just wondering if this issue would be associated with the “Preference” option available for “Open Project in Last Used View” setting?

Regards. :sunglasses:

Hi all

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes the folders are writeable
I tried changing the “Open Project in Last Used View” settings (changed it from ‘External Projects Only’ to ‘Always’), however still no luck

I’ve noticed that it’s actually only the color preferences that don’t save after closing/reopening Cubase. So my custom preferences ARE being saved, just not the colors…

I’ve read that the colors are saved with the “UserPreferences” file (which is different than the preference files found in the Presets/Configurations folder, so I replaced that file with an old backup, and now the custom colors open properly. I imagine that file got corrupted at some point recently.

However, the color preferences still don’t change when I switch back to the default preferences, which leads me to believe that the problem still isn’t solved, but fwiw, the colors are stuck the way I would like them for the moment…

I just had the same thing on C10.5 and did the same as you, so I “fixed” it I guess, as in - I got my colors back.

Yup, had the same problem when I updated to 10.5 recently as well — colors didn’t transfer over. Except this time replacing the UserPreferences file didn’t work so I had to open up 9.5 and 10.5 at the same time to manually transfer over the color values :man_facepalming:t2: