Save Default Audio Track with VST Insert


I would like to save an Audio track with VST EQ plugin in the inserts slot. I’m trying to save it so that every time I load the generic Audio track the VST plugin loads with it. I’m using C9 Pro. Thanks.

As far as I’m aware, you can’t easily do that in Cubase - so that the generic adding of an audio track will always load with specific VST fx.
What you can do however, is save many different Track Presets for a track type, which is actually more useful for a wider variety of applications. These can be loaded into your project using “Add Track using Track Preset” or applied once a track is loaded into your project.
To create a track preset you add the audio track and your VSTs and settings and then save it as a track preset.
See the Cpro9 operation manual for the full procedures of saving, categorizing, and loading track presets.