Save External FX routing

Is it possible to save/load a defined an External FX routing (as it is for i/o)?

I dont think so…I’m convinced they just dont care about us!
People that use external hardware are old-timey dinosaurs whom are no longer relevant.

Instead they are pushing us to further fine tune all performance out of any vocal until we all sound exactly the same.

What does that mean exactly? I use external FX I/O all the time and it seems to save fine.

You obviously dont use it very much, or many channels.

I/O cannot exist as both inputs AND External FX.
So depending on whether you are recording OR mixing you have to change these assignments back and forth constantly.
We are simply looking for a Save button (as it exists for Inputs) for External FX.

This is ridiculous they haven’t addressed something as basic as this. They obviously haven’t thought about external FX for years now and dont care.
Last release there was a major bug that effected the Latency(Ping) for External FX which existed for months. So it seems this stuff is not even BETA tested.

Oh Cubase, please just consider people using this software coming from Pro Tools or other pro studio envinronments which still have Hardware!

Not everyone is IN the BOX!

I use it everyday as I work OTB. You can save External FX as favourites which is why I don’t understand why you say you can’t save them. In my case my soundcard also lets me duplicate the hardware I/O to multiple ASIO channels. I can then use them for both I/O and External FX within Cubase without having to switch out (which I agree is a pain - Ableton for instance lets you assign the same I/O to as many device as you want even if they end up conflicting).

Oh Ok.

Guess I need to try it tonight. For some reason Favorite never seemed to do what I thought it was supposed to do.

Better overall documentation of cubase would also be appreciated. Sometimes the pdfs are so vague and useless.

I take it back. Favorites does nothing for me. It simply saves the ‘text’ of an external FX?
Are you an actual user of this feature… or just wasting everyone’s time?

I need to recall about 20-30 External FX assignments, then switch that back to 32 input routing assignments.
Can you explain how you do this typically?

I have found a hack to do it by messing with the Cubase application files, but this requires restarting Cubase and seems ridiculous to have to do it this way.

this is also my experience.
I don’t know what does he mean with duplicate channels even.
I have 48 AD and 48 DA channels that goes through a Madi FX and a simple feature to save the External FX would just be too smart to be true.
Instead I have to mess with manually replacing the html file each time I switch between the main activities:

  1. tracking
  2. mixing
  3. bouncing

the third one typically requires an ad hoc chanell configuration as I connect cascaded HW via the HW patchbay to save some DAAD rountrip.
not to mention the dual mode stuff (see my other post).

Yes I agree on the dual mono too.

I really just don’t get why we get the 3rd incarnation of Variaudio (auto-tune still sounds the best IMO and what I use)…
We cant get even super basic support for Hardware?

I agree with this, External FX definitely needs an update along with the actual external fx plugin - check out studio ones plugin ‘Pipeline’.

Send and return meters, send/return reatime waveform comparison

Yep pretty similar to how its done in Logic X. Mix knob is key.

Cubase please! Give us better workflow for Out-of-the-Box.

Why is this so hard?

It would be very good indeed… Please Steinberg!!

Upgraded from 9.5 to 10
All my routing & titling have disappeared from the VST Audio system. (Soundcard I/O routing)

I’ve also lost all my favorites and routing from the External Instruments AND External FX audio connections page.

I tried moving over the appdata/…/RAMPresets.xml and nothing seems to bring it back.

So IOW, I now have to spend hours redoing everything I’ve already spent hours configuring…what a fkn PITA! :smiling_imp: :imp: :smiling_imp:

hmmm, mine seemed to have been retained. good to know though, because I’m planning on doing a clean install of my PC from scratch and would hate to have to do this over again. I would report this in issues.

Do you still have your stuff in previous version?

I’ve managed to copy over the settings by locating the Port Setup.xml & External Plugins.xml from the

So it is there but needed to copy over manually from 9.5 as it did NOT carry over at all.
Hope this helps anyone w/a similar issue :wink:

He’s saying his audio interface can duplicate audio before it hits Cubase so he doesn’t have the problem’s you and digi are having.

Sad but true: Steinberg tends to keep far away the professional studios. No improvements in this direction from years. Studio One is a best choice. I hope an eventually Steinberg awakening, because hardware users are stuck from many years. No signs from there.

Yes that’s correct. I think RME does this too. So for instance hardware input 1 and 2 can be sent to ASIO 1-4. Then ASIO 1/2 is used for a stereo input and 3 and 4 are used to make mono versions so the inputs of 1 and 2 on the soundcard can appear at both places within Cubase without conflicting.

And I agree I wish the external support was better. I keep getting old latency settings popping up in projects sometimes. Studio One was better but not enough to make me switch over.

No matter how much they might wish the entire world worked only in-the-box… that’s just never going to happen 100%. They are better off improving support for external devices - and they will be better accepted in more studios because of it. I’ve had frustrations with “ping” for many years… I finally gave up. I’ll have to test in Cubase 10 to see if anything is different…

I’m generally happy with Cubase, but this is one area where I’d like to see improvement. For example “Audio Process History”… YOU CAN’T USE THIS FEATURE WITH EXTERNAL EFFECTS??? This makes no sense at all… this is one of the areas that ABSOLUTELY needs upgrading. It’s very frustrating to go to the feature, and it’s just “greyed out”… It just doesn’t work AT ALL.