Save: File Folder Organization

Dear Steinberg,

Every time I save a file, a sub-folder should be created called “auto-save” or “backup”. I’ll let you deduce which file type that Cubase saves should go in said folder. Sub folders for anything other than the project file(s) makes sense. Otherwise everything becomes a chaos of a million files I don’t want to see, blocking 10 files I do want to see. Yes, I can filter and sort. But as OCD as I am, I know other composers must be as well. Please, give us some organization sanity. :wink:


For me the file system is not bad at all. Just make sure you create a new folder for each new project. All files associated with that project will be stored there. If you want to have a second copy of that project use the “Back Up Project…” function which will save the project to a different folder of your choice. Not sure what CB version you are using but if 8.5 you can refer to operation manual page 84 to learn about the backup project functions.

Regards :sunglasses:


I’m not sure you understood my request. First, I already have been creating a new folder for each project. And the manual back-up system doesn’t address what I’m asking for at all.

My problem is that the automatic back-up files end up in the root folder instead isolated to a back-up folder, where they ought to go. It’s just a cleaner organization. And if you don’t have a problem with the current method, this wouldn’t adversely affect you. It’s a small change, with a significantly cleaner file structure organization.


Well, now I guess I am confused about what your idea is because you said this in your original post:
“Otherwise everything becomes a chaos of a million files I don’t want to see, blocking 10 files I do want to see.”

That is what made me think you were not saving each project to it’s own folder.

The CB auto save function only saves a .bak file (which is a copy of the project .cpr file) to the project root folder. It is handy to have if for some reason your original .cpr file becomes corrupt. I have mine set to the default setting to save (10) maximum backups. (1) auto save every (15) minutes. So in my project root folder I see the original .cpr file and (10) .bak files maximum. That’s it. The project root folder never becomes a “chaos of a million files”. It becomes exactly (11) files. (1) .cpr file and (10) subsequently numbered .bak files.

That is why I will periodically use the manual “Back Up Project” function which saves the whole project to a folder of my choosing. Usually I name the backup folder the same name as the project folder I am currently working suffixed with a date. I really only use the “Back Up Project” function when I know I am going to want to copy/use a portion of the original project in a different project. Otherwise the auto save has never failed me for the few times I found myself trying to work with a corrupted .cpr and needed to open a .bak file to restore it.

Also, as good practice, I do backup my whole system to an external drive at least once per week. Even more if I am working large or VIP stuff that I cannot afford to loose.

So I am definitely not against your feature request as I thought I understood it. :wink:

Maybe you can try to better explain why you are getting folders with a “chaos” number of files so we can +1 this baby.

Regards :sunglasses:

You point is off topic but… you are right and I never noticed it. I wonder if this has been reported as a bug? Based on op manual pg 85 I would have thought the back up project function would have copied all files unless you checked off the “minimize audio files” and/or “remove unused files” options. Weird wild stuff :astonished:

Regards :sunglasses:


Your workflow is a fairly clean way to do it. I currently save projects like this:

Create folder: 2016 - 010 - Title or Idea
Cubase File: 2016 - 010 - Title or Idea - 001

I resave projects to different versions at different points. Two reasons: 1) If I’m asked to revise part of a scene I’m scoring, I write a new file. This way, if they want to revisit the original file it is in tact. 2) If Cubase ever crashes it can prompt you to save a new file. So I got into the habit of doing just that.

I can see myself using the backup feature, but I still also see myself having multiple project files in the root folder. So instead, I may try a hybrid of your approach and mine: a new sub-folder for each project version I save, with the limit of 10 backup files. I like that approach. I don’t like not having a full edit history I have now, but I can sacrifice that for a better and cleaner workflow.

Thanks for the help!

P.S. Sometimes our brains just don’t see certain patterns until we get a second pair of eyes (or ears) on them. This is one of those cases! :wink:

I completely agree with the original post. It’s really a simple request; have a preference to place .bak files into a sub-folder. It’s just a way to keep things visually simple during a long day of staring at computer screens, and we rarely have to use the .bak files, meaning they don’t have the same visual priority as the .cpr files (and version saves along the way).

A simple request but a good one. I think about this one every day.

That would take some work, the .bak files are just .cpr files. Putting them into a backup folder would make them unable to find the audio folder that is one level up.
I personally think it is fine how it works now, and am very much against anything changing in the file structure.