Save Folder Track Preset, saves all tracks+routings

Would be great to be able to save a ‘Folder Track Preset’ that stores all audio tracks, groups, fx, etc, their track titles, colours, pictures - everything that was inside that folder, including routings of audio tracks to groups within the folder.



Was hoping saving folders as well as FX sends/routings would be in Cubase 10

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  • 2! This would save a lot of time.

+1 for this feature. 2 years and counting!

+1 Yes Please!

Been asking for a while now.

Yes it would be great. You could put an entire project into a folder, save that folder preset, open a new project, and load that folder track preset. Almost like a project template but track based.


There is a workaround for that…you can do this with selecting all the tracks you want going to file, export/selected tracks… and to import it… file import, track archive.
It does, tracks, groups, automation etc.
No the sexiest solution, but it is functional.

To be honest i feel like this XML system needs to be overhauled.

I love midiloops (but they are missing automation),
i love the import from project (tho u cant import groups?)
So your left with the XML based track archive, which is kinda messy in where it stores it (a folder of your choice on your pc).
There’s no way to manage this thing nicely with a preset menu etc.

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Already aware of this, does it save the routings?

My FR would be:

Rename “Exported Tracks” to “Track Templates,” standardize their location, and add them to the media browser. I do this for my multi-output VSTi’s (BFD3 mostly) and it works great. Remembers bus assignments, sends, inserts, levels, etc.

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+1, missing FX sends a lot in track-presets

+1, would be a wonderful workflow / productivity boost!

It would be creative to, to be able to save complex vocal effect chains that rely on multiple groups and fx channels.



  • one million.

This isn’t possible? Wow Steinberg, take a look at some other DAWs, like Ableton, where this sort of stuff is child’s play!


I Wonder how can I save automations.

I’ve load a VSTi in my project and I’ve done some volume automations on the VSTi track. Not on the midi track.

Now I would Like to close the VSTi to save CPU ressources but I would like to find my automations again if i’ll need them.

I tried to export the Vst track but no way.

Can some one help me ? Thank you.

+1 please!