Save FX Chain Preset (Bug?) N8.2

I have tested the new Nuendo 8.2 all seems to working well here since yesterday, i have only noticed maybe a bug in the FX Chain Preset area.

It don’t happen all the time, it’s when i create a new “FX Chain Preset” (Insert chain) by saving them, some FX Chain are saved and can be loaded without problems but sometime after a preset is save nothing happen when i try to load them as FX Chain Preset, no plug-in are inserted.
The new preset are save normally with no error message, it’s when i load them that sometimes nothing happen.

At the beginning i thought it was due to the numbers of plug-in inserted or for different thirds party vst compatibility.
I tried with different plug like UAD(Jibridg), D16, SoundToys, CableGuys, combined in many different way and it seems not to be a particular plug-in company, it happen randomly, but maybe more often with “heavy” chain effect with more than 5 to 6 effect.
What is strange is that when i close and reopen Nuendo, some chain that i was not able to save correctly are suddenly causing no problem, saving and relaod them without problem.

I did my test also with empty Nuendo template with no plug-in inserted, maybe i was thinking of a Windows limitation but no.

The good thing is if i use Track Preset instead of FX Chain Preset for some of the problem chain preset it seems to working well, iam able to save and reload my plug-in chain. :slight_smile:

So maybe some other users notify this problem when loading NEW preset.

Over all iam happy with this update and the new features, thks !

can’t load fx chains either

I have the same problem!

There is a hotfix coming which solves this problem.


Ah great. Thank you Fredo.

PS: Will the same hotfix be coming to Cubase Pro? I have the same issue there.

Hi Fredo,

Could you point me out to the specific JIRA issue number, please? I can’t find it out. Thanks.

Was this issue addressed in the last Nuendo update? If so, when will it be addressed in Cubase?


Sorry, this has not been fixed yet.