Save in the background instead of beach-balling

The autosave function is great except for those moments where I am doing something and it suddenly starts to beachball and then after beach-balling the keystrokes I had made when it started results in unintentional key command executions.

perhaps there is a more intelligent way it can detect the best time to save? For example during playback? It’s fantastic that the save function does not interrupt the audio playback so I would not want to lose this feature however it is moderately annoying that saving does interrupt my workflow slightly especially on bigger projects that have a lot to save.

Thanks for listening.

This is one of my ‘Annual Requests’… may you have better luck than I!

My solution is simple: The autosave process cannot start while the mouse is engaged OR until at least 3 seconds have elapsed since the last mouse move or keystroke or while playback is engaged. My rationale is also simple: This implies that if I’m not using the mouse and I haven’t typed for 3 seconds, it’s probably safe to autosave.

What drives me NUTS is when the ‘beachball’ starts while I have the mouse engaged or while I’m typing.

Good ideas here. +1