Save layer level adjustments

I’m currently testing SL Pro, using it to “remix” a live concert recording where I sat directly in front of the drums and want to “tone them down” a bit in the mix.

So after creating a montage in Wavelab and exporting the individual tracks as FLAC files, I opened them in SL, unmixed them, saved the projects and then adjusted the layer levels. I’m very happy with the results, but I noticed two things:

  1. I can’t see a way to copy my adjustment settings from one project to the next one - am I overlooking something here?
  2. Layer levels are not saved along with the project, so if I close and reopen a project, the layer levels are all back to 0 dB.

Is this intentional? Or am I using SL the wrong way, and there is a better workflow to achieve what I want?


  1. What adjustment settings are you talking about ? If that’s something found in the Display panel, you can define default values for those in SpectraLayers Preferences, Display panel:

  2. I can’t repro that, can you do a video recording of your issue ? Here’s how it look on my side, Layer levels are properly saved and loaded :
    test - Google Drive

Thanks for looking into this, I can’t reproduce it consistently yet, either - some of my projects were in fact saved with the adjustments, but not all.

One thing that I noticed is that layer level adjustments (in the Display/Layers panel) don’t show up in the history and don’t cause the “file modified” asterisk to show up, which also means I can close the file without being asked if I want to save changes.

I just tried it again, and sometimes the levels were saved, sometimes not. I’ll experiment around a bit and see if I can find out what exactly needs to happen for this to occur.