Save/load all mixer settings

Hi everyone,

In Cubase 6 I was able to right-click the mixer and select “Save all mixer settings” or “Load all mixer settings” whenever I wanted to quickly try out different mixes of the same song. Having upgraded to Cubase 9 Pro I can’t find the same option. Is that feature still available somewhere in Cubase 9 Pro, or must we resort to selecting each channel individually and then selecting “Save track preset”? Is there a quicker way?

Many thanks for any help.


This is not available the same way anymore since Cubase 7. You can save a settings of selected Channels, but the Selection must not contain Audio Return of Instrument Track/Rack.

To do so, click to the MixConsole function menu (arrow in the right-top corner), and select the option here.

Okay. I’m disappointed to have lost this function, but thanks for the reply.

I have been a loyal Cubase user since SX in the 90’s.
I recall having “Save Global Mixer Settings” way back then.
I have many takes of the same exact setup and I simply want to save all the settings in one project and load up those same exact settings in the next project, routing, effects, faders, eqs - the whole thing.
Not being able to do this simple thing is completely maddening.
Was this ever resolved???
Why was this ever removed?

For that situation (same setting for a new project), building a template and using that as a starting point would be the answer. However, I haven’t had much luck with projects started that way - they typically get hosed at some point in the production. So, I have just learned to build my starting point fresh each time.

Yeah… I am the middle of a week of recording and I am using the same recording template each time, nothing needs to be changed for this session. Each take is saved as a project, and I am hoping to make progress and save the advancement and apply it to the next project. This is kind of a deal breaker, really. Windows 10 seems to be death for Audio. Anything beyond my current Cubase 9 requires Windows 10.

It is such a common, simple and important need: a Global Mixer Save/Load that encompasses faders, effects, routing(!!!), and all other configurations.