Save / Load Channel Settings missing from MixConsole Functions Menu

I want to copy the channel settings for certain tracks from one project to another. In Cubase 11 Pro I I have channel settings I want for my HALion Sonic SE3 and Groove Agent tracks SE5 that I want to copy to another project. In the MixConsole window, the Functions menu usually has a Save Selected Channels / Load Selected Channels which is just what I need, BUT, those 2 options are not visible I select these VST Instrument tracks. (I have the midi data on the Instrument track, not a separate Midi track). Where are the Save / Load Selected Channels options?

Here is how you can recreate the issue

  1. Open Cubase Pro 11.0.41 Build 448

  2. File – New Project

  3. Create Empty

  4. Add Track – Audio

  5. Add Track – Instrument – Groove Agent
    This project how has 2 tracks.

  6. Open the Mix Console

  7. Select the Audio Channel.

  8. Open the Functions menu – “Save / Load Selected Channels” options are there. See the screen shot.

  9. Select the Groove Agent SE 01 Channel

  10. Open the Functions menu – “Save / Load Selected Channels” options are missing. See the screen shot

I running Windows 10 Home 10.0, Cubase Pro 11 14.0.41.


This is by design. This option is available for the Audio, FX, Group, Input and Output channels only.

Thanks for that. Glad to know it isn’t a bug or something wrong with my installation or settings.

And iirc, unless it’s been updated, Save selected/Load selected only works with Instrument Racks. Not Tracks. I think that was one of the few remaining differences between Instrument Racks and Instrument Tracks.