Save midi file & channel strip into single preset? appleloop

In Logic, its possible to save midi apple loops, which are basically a midi file + instrument & channel strip settings. For example, I can create a groove using EXS, add effects like compression, phaser, tape delay, etc, and save it as a single midi apple loop, which can be browsed and recalled from the loop browser in future projects.

I know MediaBay can load channel strips, instrument presets etc. It can also load midi files I believe? (haven’t explored this yet). But is it possible to save both as a single file to load like Logic can with AppleLoops? Note, I’m not talking about the blue audio loops, I’m talking about the green midi + channel strip loops.

While I’m on the subject, I take it its not possible to simply load apple loops or .caf files directly in Cubase right?

Yes. Show the Racks in the Project Window (opt-T) and drag a midi part that is on an Instrument Track on to the Mediabay.

By the way, this is new in Cubase 8.