Save MIDI file how?


I just want to save a midi file with some specific controller information, so I later can use it again, dragging it from the MediaBay.
But I can’t make Cubase save ONLY that little file!
I have selected the track, selected the clip, soloed the track hidden all the other 245 midi tracks, but when I use the export function I got it wrong.
Why isn’t it possible to drag a midi clip from the arrange page to the MediaBay?
I need help :wink:

On Windows you can just drag a MIDI Part onto the desktop or into a folder to create a midi file of just that part. I assume the Mac equivalent would do the same.


Thanks I’ll try that.
I think the manual sometimes is hopeless useless. :angry:
But then this forum is excellent! :smiley:

I concur with raino…and yes it is the same approach on a Mac. I do that sort of thing regularly. One can also drag the file FROM the desktop and into Cubase.

While not really the same thing, you can now also import a Track from another project. So if all you want is to get the midi from another Project you wouldn’t need to go through the intermediate step of creating a midi file. And if you have 2 Projects open you can drag parts between them.

Thanks a lot.
I will try your suggestions!