Save MIDI Loops to MediaBay... with track automation?

Hi there

I’m on 9.5, considering an upgrade to 10.5. And I’m trying to improve how I write tracks - figure out a workflow so I can concentrate on hooks and leads first, before getting lost in mixing (which is a problem for me).

I want to develop synth riffs, hooks etc using instrument tracks with inserts and MIDI data, then export MIDI Loops into MediaBay… reaching for something like Ableton’s “Save Clip” feature. But exporting to MIDI Loop doesn’t save track automation alongside MIDI data. In 9.5 the VSTi and MIDI are saved, but not the track automation (things like “Delay Insert Feedback Amount”, rather than MIDI CC automation).

Does anyone know if I’m missing an option or preference somewhere? It feels like the 9.5 version of the feature’s somewhat incomplete, because it saves way more than just the MIDI… but not everything. Is this something that’s been improved in 10 or 10.5, or am I just hosed?


If you want a preset that has Track automation on it, the thing you want to save is the Track. Try saving it as a Track Preset

Hi - thanks for the reply! …But I’m afraid that’s not working for me.

I’m not a big-time Ableton user, and don’t want to use it because I don’t want to pay for upgrades, but…

In Ableton I can create a MIDI track with a virtual instrument on it; write or jam some MIDI into a clip, plus some non-MIDI automation (pulse-width in the synth, or panning in the track); then drag that whole performance/clip to my user library. In a different project I can pull the clip out of my library, and the instrument, MIDI, and automation all come over in an integrated package. It’s beautiful because it feels like saving “My Idea”.

When I create an instrument track in Cubase 9.5, write MIDI into it, then create a track automation lane (EG the panner)… I can export as a MIDI Loop, or I can save as a Track Preset. But if I create another track based on the track preset, the new track contains no MIDI notes or automation - or any hint that I created a panner automation lane. And if I drag a MIDI Loop from MediaBay onto my timeline, the instrument, Inserts and MIDI notes come across, but again no automation. So… all I can save of “My Idea” is MIDI notes and instrument config, not a performance. Like I say, I’m in 9.5, wondering if this has been rounded out in 10.x… the way 9.5 works feels tufty and incomplete.

I know there’s options to import tracks from other projects, I just liked the idea that I might be able to make idea-presents for myself in MediaBay.