Save mixer plugin template

is there a way to prevent playback templates to touch the current mixer plugins or save a set of plugins with the template?

When I try to compare the playback from different playback templates I always have to deactivate the reverence reverb, insert my favorite (currently mcharmverb) and replace the compressor with maximizer. Obviously I could compare using the standard setting with reverence and compressor but I do like the other combination much more.

P.S.: Nice that 4.3 now provides a standard playback volume selection in preferences.

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No, at the moment there’s no way to do this, but this is definitely something we want to work on in future.


Thank you for the fast answer!

I had hoped that there was already a method, so let’s keep fingers crossed that it happens soon.

I’d also like this. I’ve made a playback template for a specific instrumentation lineup using various different virtual instruments and would like to save the volume balance and panning . And ideally effects too.
I’m guessing the workaround is to save a project as a template, but if I understand correctly at the moment the mixer settings can’t be loaded into an existing project along with the playback template.

I’d just save the setup as a blank project and copy that each time I needed it.

Yes, you’re correct: you can’t currently load specific mixer settings as part of a playback template, but this is something we intend to implement in future. Your approach of using a saved project template is what I would advise for now.