Save mp3 export ID3 tag settings per project.

Now, with Cubase 10, this dialog is buried one layer deeper, and it still won’t remember my tag settings per project.

Net result - I have a bunch of mp3’s floating around with the wrong tags because I have to remember to change the tag every stinking time I export an mp3.

The fix would be so easy. Save it in the project file with all the other export settings.

Pretty please?

Oh, yes please! ID3 tag saving inside the project file would be a godsend.

Fizbin: I can’t even find the ID3 tag dialog in C10 anymore. Where is it??


But also… save “EVERYTHING” per project file. Seriously… “EVERYTHING”.

All settings that pertain to each specific project would be saved and restored upon opening it. “All settings” mean EVERYTHING. Every setting, view, zoom level, everything typed in any menu and submenu, including all things in the “Audio Mixdown” and submenus, etc.

Every setting
Every menu entry
Every customized view, zoom level, cursor position, color
Every open window and position
Every VST and their specific settings and presets

Did I say “EVERYTHING”. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

+1 to save ID3 tag with the project file.

+1. Store as metadata with the project.

Also, in the export window, the fields for this information should be always visible - there is plenty of room for it.