Save multiple sounds from diffrent VST's as one preset?


I have four different sounds from four different VST:s layered on four different layers. I want to save those to a preset so I don’t have to select/open each sound everytime I want this combination of sounds. How can I achieve this?


A multi track preset might do the trick. Not sure which version you are using and if it has that feature…
A template is another option…

Okey so that worked quite well, but what about saving it along with a FX channel as well? It didn’t work out when I tried. Nor didn’t it remember the linked channels which was applied to the tracks saved as a preset. Now when loading my multiple track preset only the instruments load, which might be how it is supposed to work.

What approach should I consider if I want to the things above? Would be happy if you can share how to do it as well.

According to the manual, track presets only work for Audio, MIDI, and Instrument tracks.
If you have a complex scenario with FX and Group tracks, etc., the best bet is to use a template.
Of course, the drawback is that you must START out with that template and would not be able to add that track combination later in the project. Obviously, you could build Multi Track Presets that get you close to minimize the work.

file > export selected tracks will save including send busses etc.

cannot preview that from the mediabay though.