Save position of panel items

I can’t seem to find the answer to this one …

Every time I re-open Dorico, the panels on the RHS revert to an order that I have to correct for my own use. e.g. the Playing Techniques panel always opens with Common and Strings which I rarely need - and never Guitar which I always do.
I imagined that, for any given file, Dorico would remember these ‘preferences’.

I also notice that Dorico doesn’t remember the window size from last closing of a file.

Any ideas on how to achieve these (very non-critical!) things?

I think I’ve seen this request before but can’t find it either.

would also like to be able to reorder the sections (slide groups up/dn). There are quite a few items I never use and would like to put on the bottom out of site.

Dorico remembers which mode the project window is in, and which panels are open, but it does not remember information about which sections are open and closed inside each panel.

Dorico does, however, remember the size and position of each project file. If you’re using Dorico 1.x, then you may find that this does not work reliably 100% of the time, but in the current version of Dorico 2 this does work as expected in all cases.

Thanks for that Daniel.
So as I understand it, there is no way in which to set up preferences for the way the panels open with respect to which sections are opened?

That’s correct.