'Save preset...' & Family Name

It’s about ‘Family Name’ field in a ‘Save preset’ window. Maybe in some other places on other fields is the same problem, I didn’t check. But observation is following:

If I double click on Family Name field, I can add new Family Name. It is ok. I added new when saved a preset in Prologue (the same is in Halion and Groove), but in saved preset my new Family Name didn’t appeared. I checked twice and more, closed and opened plugin window, nope - Family Name didn’t show. Then I added it again by pressing doubleclick. And the same - Family Name didn’t show. After reopening Cubase my saved preset have a Family Name. Yoohooo! :slight_smile:

But now I have two identical names on top of a list of Family Names. If I select ‘more…’ and open search window, there is only one instance of my added names. It is Ok. I suggest that the first list is like recently used and/or default first 18 names in an alphabetical order.

The question is - how to remove one of them? It is disturbing if something is wrong. (I’m a sysop and data integrity is my working donkey)

It seems that Cubase…

  1. have problems with data refreshing;
  2. don’t check for existing names.

I suppose that there somewhere should be a button ‘Delete’ if is option to add something, right?

I saved three presets with first saved Family Name and fourth preset with second saved Family Name. Both family names are identical except their codes in a preset file (.vstpreset files at location …\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Prologue). Presets with first saved family name have code ‘9PS4JOI0A29UKAE4VUADG8GNV0’, but preset with second name - code ‘NF12CK72BSAVKAE2HFH1MMISO2’. These codes I found in MetaInfo block at the end of .vstpreset files. So - identical names, but internal codes are different. I offer these data only for reason to show that second name added without checking it’s existance in a list. From this point THIS IS ERROR!

Please, discuss on this!

Hi ANeeman,
I’m not sure if I got your problem in detail.
You’re referring to Cubase Elements and you try to save a plugin preset with the Cubase Mediabay, right? Furthermore, you want to add the tag “Family Name” which doesn’t show up immediately. You have to close and reopen Cubase to make the new “Fanily Name” visible. And this will happen with all kind of plugins, at least Prologue, Halion and Groove Agent. Correct?

best regards