Save Program Fail

When I try to save a program I get an error message saying the save failed:

Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 4.02.02 PM

Please help

Does it save the file as part of this?

I’m sorry I’m dumb but this doesn’t make any sense, where is my preset saved… if it even saved at all?

The manual is lacking in describing how this should work and doesn’t mention anything about the error I’m getting in the above posted screen shot. Any other options for support besides this forum?

No replies. Sad.

This is the only program I have that doesn’t seem to want to save with the last preset open, and I can’t find where my user presets are located to reload it.

I losing confidence in Steinberg.

I still can’t find my presets. Anybody?

Still don’t know where my preset are or how to recall them using the media bay.

Seriously, anyone! suggestions?

When I’m in the load panel I don’t see any presets, even the factory preset? What am I doing wrong… obviously I’m missing something very obvious.

I just want to follow up, Ulf helped my resolve my problem. In summary I had to add some permissions to my presets folder, add a folder for my user presets/programs and then rename some other folders that backbone/MediaBay was referencing that kept it from referencing my user programs/presets folder.

If you’re having similar problems (maybe from using this VST in Reaper or other DAW), search out Ulf on this forum and he’ll get you sorted.