Save Program to custom folder ? (v5.1)

The problem, i can’t “Save Program As” to custom folder.

For example i Create New Folder from H5 Save Program As menu (will be placed in: C:\Users(name)\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion 5\Program), it appears ok in list.
And how to save Program to new folder now? I select a folder and press OK but preset still saved to root of “Program” folder.
Also drag’n’drop Program to new folder dont work.

Maybe I do not understand something? Or is it really a bug in new version.

Halion v5.1 Win7\32bit

I can confirm the described behaviour on mac, but I don’t know if it’s a bug since I don’t know the purpose of those custom folders showing up in the ‘save as’ menu. Content management of Steinberg plug-ins and Cubase is sometimes not very obvious to me, but before I complain I should probably make an effort to understand it :slight_smile:


Yes it is confusing or perhaps just a missing feature FILE MANAGEMENT. Ooops did I shout. I have no idea why we can’t create folders and save programs and multis to whatever location we choose. Is this not the most basic of features or have a missed something in the manual?

Add to that…on a mac the default preset folder is invisible (Apple feature?)

Anyone who cares to explain this would be greatly appreciated


v5.1.1 the subj problem is still there.

V5.1.1 it’s the same for me… no solution to select the folder when i save a program :astonished:( grrrr

I too have this problem - after creating a new folder you cannot navigate into it or open it.
I also have an “Imports” folder that is not empty but I can’t open it from the “save program as” dialogue.
All I seem to be able to do with a folder is delete, rename or open in Explorer…

I’m using Halion 5 Standalone v2.2.7.106 (, 64-bit)