Save Project or

After Saving Project… Then when closing project or Cubase it will it’s ask to save again.


This is related to a plug-ins. Some plug-ins are producing data all the time. Even if Cubase is in Stop mode. So you save the project, but the plug-in is sending data afterwords anyway. Once you try to quit Cubase, Cubase finds out, sou parameter of the plug-in changed. So it asks you again to save the project.

In the past there were some Steinberg plug-ins (HALion, Padshop) with this bug. But all of these have been fixed. Please make sure, your plug-ins are up to date. What plug-ins do you use? Of course, it might be (and most probably is) a 3rd party plug-in.

Thanks Martin. I’ve always wondered why sometimes it knew I’d just saved the file and other times didn’t. Makes perfect sense.