Save sampler tracks like track archives with its audio files together

I’m recently backing up/archiving everything that I’ve worked on. And
I’m wondering if there is a proper way to archive sampler tracks just
like backing up Cubase project files and putting everything together in one place.
So that you won’t lose any data including the sample file itself and
how you edited the track(including inserts etc).

I’m asking this question because I want to upload the backup data to
cloud services and want to be able to load my favorite sampler tracks
regardless of my local sample data whereabouts (in case it’s inaccessible).

I searched about the method but it’s not found so far.

Sampler tracks are audio tracks so you either export audio files or you save a project file. You can not just keep a sample track in any other format.

You MAY need to prepare Archives to make sure ALL audio files are copied to the pool , just because an audio file is loaded or played in the project doesn’t mean it’s copied to the pool Prepare Archives makes sure everything is in the project directory