Save 'Sends' when saving a Track Preset

It would be redundant if a project didn’t have the same setup as what was saved with the Track Presets, but, if all or many of your projects are based off the same template you’ve created which all have the same FX Channels, then it would make sense.

It would be best if Track Presets saved all routing associated with the track. Inserts (with their settings) Sends levels Right down to the fader setting. Even if the FX channels were saved as part of the Track Preset. After all, routing is an important part of a track. They would then be ‘Track Templates’ more than Track Presets.

Also perhaps an option pop up to create the FX Channels in the project if they don’t currently exist.

Yes, and also the channel fader and pan…

In essence, I think saving Track Presets should work as well as Importing tracks from projects after the 10.5 update

just use the archive track export. you select the track you want to save without forgetting to combine the effect tracks.

I’ll have to test this,

but wouldn’t it then add additional FX channels if your template already has them?


I want to use track presets so much. I’d love to have a much slimmer main template but with instant access to instruments that I use constantly. It’s such a pain (relatively speaking) to have to re route that Piano Instrument to it’s correct group output every time I want to use it.

Also - I’d love to be able to load Kontakt instruments directly from the media bay without having to save them as track presets first…

yes it would be fabulous

When creating new tracks “from templates” fader and pan settings will come correctly. Because of this, we know that this information, is stored within the template.
The issue is, when we need to recall these templates into already existing tracks.
I take a screen capture and copy routings, levels and panning by hand… Not good.
This used to work fine on older versions…

are you talking about Templates, or Track Presets? I’m a bit confused about what you are saying.


Track Presets are more or less useless to me right now in that they don’t play nice with templates

You have just about as much work to fix routing and sends, it’s annoying.

It would be nice not to have a ‘one size fits all’ template and be able to add tracks presets on the fly (cut your cloth to fit each song) but it’s a real pain fixing routing and sends.

At the very least, I would suggest:-

Track Preset is saved with routing and send data
On add to a project, this routing and send info can be ‘mapped’ to whatever busses / channels are in the target project.

and or pop-up box asking to add FX tracks to project that were saved with track preset


Always having to route a multi-instrument like vst drums to respective groups is a huge pain in the a**!

And maybe offtopic but still: when importig tracks from another project and selecting on which tracks they should be loaded, why does the name and color get overwritten? thats really annoying.

There could also be some level of “Smart Connection”, that looks for most similar chain in the current project to what was saved in the track preset by cross analyzing between exact plugins used and or plugin-cateogries (ie, FX-Reverb) since plugin-categories are listed in the plugin-manager. if a chain with the exact plugin are not present in the project, it will look for the correct categories and connect them.

yess +1

I did some investigation into this, and it appears that when you set a destination, it does some smoke & mirrors - it still creates a completley new track in the project; it simply tries to place it in the same location - however it’s underlying ID is different, and that totally messes with all visibility configs etc.

So even though you pick a destination track/bus, the process doesn’t apply settings to that track, it imports a new one and then tries to make that imported track look like it’s the same - the channel color not being applied is just one of the things (along with visibility assignments / generic remote and probably others) that is not correctly retained from the destination track you selected.

It makes import to destination even worse than new - it’s actually easier to import new tracks, move all the audio and settings into the destination, then removew the imported tracks IMO, as at least you know exactly what has been done.