save settings on IN-put channels

has anyone a fast and reliable workflow to save a given set of inputs INCLUDING the plugins placed in the inserts of IN channels?
my own extremely tedious way to do it is:

in a given project where i have a set of inputs fitted with the appropriate inserts (like for 12 drums recording channels:

  1. save the Audio Connections Inputs as a preset
  2. save the corresponding Audio CH in the project: File/Export selected tracks (reference audio/ don’t forget to delete all audio on those tracks before to minimize mess when loading those tracks into the next project)
    3.create a set of empty mono/stereo tracks that mirror the set of IN-channels used
    4 copy channel settings of each IN Channel to corresponding empty audio channel ( you now have a set of audio CH that are identical to the IN channels and their inserts used)
  3. Export selected tracks of those audio channels now containing the inserts of the original IN channels
    6.go to new project
    7.load Audio Connections preset for the drums
    8.Import the saved Track presets from the saved audio channels that mirror the IN channels (from 4.)
  4. copy those channels to the matching IN channels
  5. you can then delete those audio track channels
  6. Import the saved Track presets of the actual drum tracks you want to record on (from 2.)
  7. assign the suitable IN channels to each audio track

quite a number there…
this could be MUCH easier if there would be an option to save the IN channels including their inserts!

but maybe i overlooked some very easy way to do this?
(to use a project template does not work, because i have very different and always changing requirements for projects. the need to record a complex set of tracks and their inputs arises often way into the recording process that started with a template that does not have everything in it.)