save takes too long

I assume when virtual instruments are melodyne are instantiated in a large session save takes much longer… when autosave is on and set to say 5 mins its somewhat annoying how long save can take.

Is there anyway to speed up save? Or maybe optimize it so its not writing every param to disk, just what’s changed?

If VSTi are slowing down your saves, then the best bet is to load them into Vienna Ensemble Pro and de-couple it. This would then mean that none of the plugin states of the VSTi are saved, thereby not slowing down your computer. Obviously you would need to re-couple before putting the project to bed though.


In my current situation it’s melodyne slowing down save. I have 12 running.

I know there are work arounds (freezing) but for future releases I think itd be a valuable investment of time to look at optimizing save as autosave feature is sort of a requirement if you want protection against crashes / data loss.

I am sure FAST SAVE will be a new feature in N6…available to all of us for a small upgrade fee!

I still remember the omission of the Mono button in N2…and its return in N3.

Silly i know, who in audio engineering needs a mono button??

Sorry for hijacking the thread. Just blown away that this Slow Save thing made it thru any type of beta testing without it being a near show stopper. I own N5, but its stuff like this that keeps me working in N4 at the moment.

I have learned “New and Improved” is ALWAYS new but rarely improved.

Now i’ll go back under the rock from which i came,

Do I need VE Pro or is this included in the standard edition VE as well?

By the way, not only saving takes awfully long, but also adding AND removing instances of for example Kontakt4.
Also, closing Nuendo5 takes quite some time. Is see in the task manager how samples are slowly unloaded from RAM while closing. Can this somehow be accelerated?

If you want to keep your template loaded and out of Nuendo, then you need VE Pro.

FWIW I keep my template coupled, because N4 never crashes and I don’t have to save all the time. However, once my template is loaded (first thing in the morning) I leave it loaded all day, and quite happily open and close Nuendo, as well as Sibelius, without any problems or time lag. At the end of the day, I just shut down. No unloading samples for me. :wink:


Melodyne will slow down saves, just as using Vari audio will - all the pitch/time tracking/shifting data is saved in the .npr so you will notice it can get quite large…

I agree that saving takes too long on large projects with lots of pitch/time manipulation - these sessions are becoming the norm for my mixing nowdays. Some new approach is needed I think - the future is only going to put more pressure on the current system…

There is no reason to save a param that hasn’t changed so I think they need to cache that stuff and only update instead of save all again every 5 minute autosave for a 10 second delay. A-nnoy-ing.