Save To SE -- All tags removed? Not showing up in browser?

I saved 438 programs to Halion Sonic SE layer files, now all the tags are removed. Furthermore, I haven’t figured out how to view the HS SE files inside halion. They do not show up in the media bay. I have to use the browser to drop them in the library creator.

Once I make the library for halion sonic, for instance, how do I have it show up in halion sonic??

Also, once I assigned the presets to a library, they no longer show up when I try to narrow down the user presets. Furthermore, I cannot assign the same presets to a different bank?? :confused: I would like to split the library in parts, one atmospheric and the other bass leads, etc, but I’m finding it impossible to do so once I have already created the full library. Anyway around this???

Yes, the tags are not carried over when you export as HSSE layer preset.

My workflow is: create presets with a macro page and assigned quick controls in Halion. Export as HSSE layer presets. You can export them to subfolders to make it easier to navigate.
Load each layer preset in HSSE 3, check if everything works as expected and save it as a program (HSSE program). Do the tagging at this stage.
Then I use the HSSE program presets to build the library with Library Creator.

But you should be able to find and tag your layer presets in HSSE. They should appear as user presets (layer).

within Halion Media Bay you needs to turn on Layer Filter .

Thanks guys. That is helpful information and I’ll get started on it right away. I assume, Halion Sonic is the same way. I would save the Halion Sonic Layer File to a Program while updating the tags?

About viewing HS/HSSE patches in Halion. Yes, I’ve come across those filters to narrow the programs/layers and never put the two together. Also, once the VSTSOUND file is creating, installing it, and they permanently show up in there respective plugins. I’m making progress :smiley:

That’s a bit annoying Steinberg that all the tags are removed when saving for another version of halion. I hope you guys are listening.

Process - Converting Halion to HS

  1. Save Halion Program to HSSE layer one by one
  2. Load layers 16 at a time in each HS slot – save all programs --repeat
  3. Select Programs and add tags there and not layers – they will not be saved when saved to programs
  4. To make things go faster use Ctrl and select all basses, leads, etc to add tags at once, and continue to select all similar and add tags in bulk. Saves a bit of time.

I really hope someone can answer this.

When saving a SE bank, am I aloud to include programs with trium, auron, or voltage? I ask because I’m getting un assigned vstsound errors on all layers which have them.

For instance, HS Granular Bass Presets (not exact name) when I used the init auron patch. All the patches were created from init, yet it is saying a preset was used? Is the preset init Auron, a preset that I’m not aloud to share, even though its the init preset? :laughing:

I went trough that.

Just replace the sample with something you sampled yourself and the library will recognize this as your own file when you build your library.
Every thing you use from another vstsound (even the init preset) references to the vstsound where it comes from and is protected as will be your own presets and libraries. It is mandatory that you include those vstsounds with your library build or it will say that it can’t find the samples. Actually, the library can’t be build and it will keep on saying there is still unassigned content.

Also note the restrictions. If you include vstsounds which aren’t yours, and that are e.g. only accessible from lets say Halion Sonic 3, then it will not function in HSSE3.
Same with content from the libraries. What happens is that the licence prevents the content from being used under a platform it wasn’t meant for.

Note: when YOU use the content… it will work, since YOU have a license. But if someone else loads it up, who hasn’t got the license for it, it will not work. That’s a tricky thing in the beginning.

Best practice: only include your own content. And remember Halion can even resample itself. :wink:
Once resampled, it’s yours. But beware of companies that are able to make quick comparisons.
E.g. sample library builders do like to have their content protected, and you bought it under certain conditions.

kind regards,